Customer Service Concept

Rayton upholds the guidelines of “quality priority and customer first”, establishes market-oriented, and customer-oriented thinking, and strengthens the quality awareness of the staff. We have taken proactive measures to mobilize their enthusiasm for quality work, and give their subjective initiative into full play. We have strengthened quality control, and taken a “zero tolerance” attitude towards repeated quality problems to implement the concept of “quality is the customer”.

  • 01

    Speedy response

    Rayton maintains smooth communication and timely interaction with customers. Following the principle of “customer first”, we are eager to meet the needs of customers.

  • 02

    Set up customer service teams with different professional backgrounds

    Customer-oriented, technology-driven and management-based, Rayton exploits the strengths of its teams with different professional backgrounds, and pools the wisdom and efforts of all employees to address problems for customers, record their feedback and offer targeted and high-quality services.

  • 03

    Technological innovation

    Rayton adheres to customer- and market-centered principle, coordinates all innovation tasks, and probes into the factors that influence product performance, to create value for customers.