About us

Production and Sales of Petroleum Resin

Rayton Chemicals Co., Ltd. established in 2010, is a leading company specializing in the R&D, production and sales of petroleum resin. Since its establishment, Rayton has been dedicated to the processing and utilization of petroleum resin and continuously generating new products and extending the product lines to meet the market demand. Through its sophisticated separating and processing technology platforms, Rayton develops, manufactures and sells high performance, high value-added chemicals, rubbers and other polymeric materials; which are widely used in downstream applications such as tyre, shoe sole, adhesives, rubber products, road marking paints, inks, coatings.

  • 2010


  • 30000MT


  • 25000MT


  • 1681284440643636.pngQuality

    Profession Creating First-class Quality, and maintain strict quality.

  • 图层 2.pngSustainability

    Social and environmental awareness at the forefront of our operations.

  • 1681284450228552.pngEfficient

    Continuously producing new products and extending product lines to meet market demand

  • 1681284462555969.pngInnovate

    Innovation & Diversity Products

  • 1681284470659227.pngWin-win

    To repay customers with rigorous quality, high-quality unit price, and honest management.

  • 1681284479821119.pngServe

    Cooperation Coming From our Faith

Corporate Culture

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    Create value for customers

  • 1621675440659002.png


    Build a respected new chemical materials company

  • Simple

    Make things simple and efficient

  • Proactive

    Visionary and virtuous

  • Responsible

    Grow into a responsible and accountable company

  • Enterprising

    Conquer all challenges and achieve targets